FRSA - Non Insulated Fire Shutter

The GLIDEROL fire shutter system was tested in the USA by the Underwriter's Laboratories Inc. in accordance with BS 476 Pt 22 and UL 10B and achieved integrity of up to 4 hours. It has been approved for use by the fire authorities of Singapore and Malaysia up to a maximum size of 10.0 wide x 7.0m high.

Our fire shutters are available in both counterbalanced and non-counterbalanced models.

Technical Data

Drum Assembly

The roller drum consists of an extremely rigid steel tube sheathed over a drive assembly at each end. The drive assembly is made up of steel discs fitted to a solid polished-steel shaft of AISI 1045 grade hardness. The shaft at the drive end is key-wayed to accept the drive sprocket.

The protruding ends of the shafts are fitted with selfaligning bearings. Their housing which are fitted through the 8mm thick steel headplates holds these bearings. These headplates form the support for the entire door roll.

The diameter and thickness of the steel tube and shaft are determined by the size of the door.

Counterbalanced models shall have oil-tempered torsion springs incorporated into the roller drum. One end of the spring is secured to the shaft and the other secured to cast-iron drumwheels attached to the tube so that spring torsion is applied as the tube rotates around the shaft. The number, type and size of springs used are calculated in accordance with the width, height and weight of each door to achieve the torque required for counterbalancing 80% of the door weight.

Door Curtain

Sturdily designed scrolled profile rollformed from 1.0mm or 1.2mm thick galvanised steel with malleable iron endclips secured to alternate slats to prevent lateral movement. Door curtain is available in galvanised, powdercoated or PVF2 coated finish.

Bottom Rail

Inverted 'T' formed by 2 lengths of 50 x 50 x 6mm thick angle iron secured back-to-back through a bottom slat.

Door Guides

Formed from steel angle iron of various sizes and thickness. The size and depth of the guides are determined by the door size and the required fire rating.

Shutter Hood

Fabricated from 0.9mm thk galvanised sheets suitably bent to totally enclose the door roll. Hoods are also available in powdercoated or PVF2 coated finish to match.


Manually operated models are equipped with chainoperated hoists.

Electrically operated models can be fitted with a choice of two types of motor operators:-

Rear-mounted operator

The operator is mounted at the rear of the door roll, at the same level of the door roll and at right angle to the drive sprocket. Hence, the manual handchain is located away from the side of the door opening and is usually stored in a bag suspended below the motor when not in use. This option is suitable for use where frequent manual operation of the shutter is not anticipated.

Side-mounted operator

The operator is mounted at one side of the door, directly below the drive sprocket. Hence, the manual handchain is also located at the side of the door opening, readily accessible for use. The operator also features an automatic disengage mechanism which allows immediate manual operation whenever the chain is pulled. Whenever the chain is at rest, it automatically re-engages into automatic mode. This model is recommended for use where it is preferred to have manual operation conveniently available.

Both types of operators are supplied with push-button controls, upper and lower limit switches and thermal overload protection.

Automatic descent mechanism

All GLIDEROL fire shutters are equipped with a fusiblelink activated automatic descent mechanism designed to automatically close the shutter whenever the surrounding temperature reaches 74°C. Fusible-links with break-point values other than 74°C and quartz bulb type are also available on request.

Where required, an additional auto-descent mechanism incorporating a solenoid switch can also be incorporated. This device is connected to a pair of 24V DC contacts supplied by the fire alarm panel so that the shutter will also automatically close whenever the fire alarm is activated. In such cases, both mechanisms are capable of operating independent of each other. The shutter will close whenever any one of them is activated.

Both types of mechanisms are capable of working even when the power supply to the shutter is terminated.

Special Features

Controlled Descent Governor

The operating device of both manual and electrical models are fitted with a centrifugal controlled descent governor which ensures that when activated, the rate of descent of the shutter shall be in the range of between 150mm/sec and 600mm/sec. This is in accordance with internationally accepted safety standards and can substantially reduce the possibility of injuries.

Vision Lites

GLIDEROL fire shutters can incorporate vision lites for use by fire fighters. Usually, fire shutters are already shut by the time the fire fighters arrive at the site. These vision lights will help them to make a quick assessment of the situation behind the shutter and also to check if anyone is trapped inside. These ceramic vision lites are 4-hour rated and measures 80 x 16 x 5mm thick. Two vision lites, one on each side of the shutter and located at eye level can be provided as an option at no extra cost.